A Great Victory for Urbanism.


Thursday October 22, 2015, with all present commissioners voting in favor, the City of Miami adopted an amendment to the zoning code to eliminate parking requirements for small buildings along major transit corridors.

It is the start of a new alternative urbanism in Miami: dense but not towering neighborhoods that are mixed use, mixed-income, walkable, vibrant and encourage the use of public and alternative transport.

Miami has made the historic decision to build great urban neighborhoods, neighborhoods that will leave a lasting legacy on our city for generations to come.

The passing of this measure cannot be celebrated without recognizing the self-less, relentless efforts of Mr Andrew Frey, who single-handedly put the progressive idea in motion that will change the culture of Miami and its perception of what makes great neighborhoods. Recognition also needs to be given to Commissioner Frances Suarez, who fearlessly adopted this measure and championed not because of its political expediency, but rather because he understood its merit. Miami is truly fortunate to have such leaders.

Attached are maps of where it applies. Now let’s get building Miami’s great transit-oriented small urban buildings!

Transit Corridor Analysis D1 Transit Corridor Analysis D2 Transit Corridor Analysis D3 Transit Corridor Analysis D4 Transit Corridor Analysis D5