Many brokers and investors got a close-up look at Allapattah this past Friday on an Urban Land Institute-sponsored bus tour of Miami’s hottest new neighborhood.

Leading the tour were Miami Historian Paul George, District 1 Miami Commissioner Willy Gort and Fausto Commercial’s own Carlos Fausto Miranda, which has brokered millions of dollars of deals in the neighborhood recently.

The ULI tour traveled up 17th Avenue, from the offices of McKenzie Construction to 36th Street, through Pequeño Santo Domingo, the home of many of Allapattah’s Dominican residents; east to7th Avenue “West of Wynwood,” or W.o.W., as it’s being called, where “Wynwood style” eateries and retail outlets like the Taberna Las Rosas and Allapattah Market have opened recently.

Next was the neighborhood’s so-called “industrial core” around Northwest 12th Avenue and 22nd Street, where the future Rubell Museum will be located, and where Miami Beach investor Robert Wennett bought the old Allapattah Produce Market, which takes up almost 10 acres. Tour participants also traveled west along Northwest 20th Street, home to hundreds of small retail outlets.

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