This past Tuesday the City of Miami’s Historical and Environmental Preservation Board heard the Preservation Office’s Proposal for the preliminary evaluation of the Riverview Historic District.

The board found staff’s proposal in compliance, and recommended staff to move forward with a full proposal.
The area is roughly bounded by SW 3 st to SW 5 st, and from 9th ave to 10th ave. There are 94 buildings included in the district, encompassing a collection of styles prevalent from the 1920s-1960s such as Mediterranean-revival, art deco, mission-style, and vernacular and craftsman bungalow. If created, the measure will create guidelines for preserving the aging buildings, as well as creating a mechanism for selling development rights on those buildings that will economically incentivize their renovation.

The meeting was public, and a large contingency of the public was present to voice their concerns. There was some descent voiced, but the overwhelming majority voiced their strong support for the creationof a preservation district, although there was strong urging to expand the region.

The Board acknowledged these comments, and decided to move forward with the existing proposed district, but to look into possibilities of expanding thedistrict further.

Staff has engaged local stakeholders to tour the area on foot and explor possible expansions.

-Carlos Fausto Miranda