What would a Miami Row House look like?

Our design team has looked at the housing market on the edges of the Miami urban core where there are still large pockets of single family homes. The question we asked was: What would a Miami Row House look like? To answer the question the Miami Row House, an exploratory project, began its studies here at Building Center No.3. Design Team: Alejandra Saul (Project Leader), AnaCláudia Magalhães (Lead Landscape Designer), Daniela Romero (Landscape Designer).

In our assessment the key purpose of this project is to provide residents, who frequently entertain themselves in Downtown but prefer the openness of suburbia, with a viable alternative to the traditional single family home. The proposed Miami Row House offers the suburban dweller an opportunity to move closer to the urban core without sacrificing the key elements of single family home living: natural light, green space, and a garage for the automobile. The project also expresses sustainable strategies that reduce solar heat gain in the interior spaces and decreases water consumption related to plant irrigation and interior appliances. See project page.